PIC Processor board with on board battery charger and 10 watt power regulators
Processor with 25 Watt Regulator & Charger

SunDuino 25 Watt

SunDuino Manual

Data Sheet

Schematic, PCB and Mechanical

$125.00 (Qty 1)

The BB25E is a 4 layer thermally enhanced conductive PCB constructed on a 1.5mm sheet of aluminum. This complex fabrication provides heat spreading for critical circuits and  provides an electrostatic shield. A larger EFD20 sized flyback inductor provides greater magnetic and wiring cross section resulting in greater output power. Battery charging current at 1/2 amp provides for faster battery charging.

The 4 output voltage (5.0V, 3.3V and +/-12V) are optically isolated from processor circuits giving better control over system GND wiring. Common mode chokes are included on both input and regulated outputs. On board linear regulator (100ma) are provided with options for flyback regulated +/-15 volt selections.

PIC Processor board with on board battery charger and 10 watt power regulators.
Processor with !0 Watt Regulator & Charger

SunDuino 10 Watt

SunDuino Manual

Data Sheet

Schematic, PCB and Mechanical

$75.00 (Qty 1)

The BB10B is a low cost implementation of the SunDuino. It is 100% software identical but with limited thermal enhancement. This unit supports 10 watts of output power and 120ma of battery charging current. Using 100% surface mount technology the BB10B can be easily mounted to any non-conductive or insulated surface. Using a thin insulator (Example: 3M 10mil VHB double sided tape) the BB10B mounts flat and securely on any surface.

The 4 output voltages (5.0, 3.3 and +/-14V) share a common GND with processor circuits. The BB10B is plug and software compatible with the BB25E.

Prototype wiring platform for Sunduino Systems. Battery, Solar/AC Power, Regulated Power,I2C, RS-232, Digital and Analog connections.
Proto Wiring Platform

Prototype Wiring Platform



The SunDuino Interface Board is an optional board that simplifies the wiring of prototype systems. All major signals are brought to screw terminals for simplified connections. A 9 pin female D connector (full RS-232 voltages) is wired for direct connection to a PC with a simple straight through serial cable. A fuse and diode provide protection against reversed battery connections. (The SunDuino main PCB is NOT reverse battery safe, don't do that.)

Connections are provided for I2C connection, processor 3.3V (always on voltage), main power outputs, On/Off switch, battery and power input. A red LED provides indication of the main 5.0V output as active.

Magnetice components and processor firmware for OEM application requiring low cost regulation and charging on OEM PCBs.
Magnetics & Firmware

Components for OEM

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The lowest cost option for using SunDuino hardware and software is though the use of the custom SunDuino components. Single board computers are easy to integrate with other systems but the additional separate PCB and fabrication cycle leads to a more expensive system.

SunDuino key functions are based on 2 types of components, custom magnetic components and software. Magnetic components are easily provided and software can be delivered in the form of pre-programmed processors. With careful PCB design these components can be integrated onto a user PCB resulting in lower system cost.