Download Page for SunDuino


Manual and Datasheet

The datasheet is a one page overview of SunDuino processors. The Manual is a 25 page document that describes hardware, software, wiring and C application download.




Hardware and PCB Docs.

Schematics and PCB information for advanced users.

BB10B Schematic and PCB Data

BB25E Schematic and PCB Data

Proto Platform and I2C 7 Segment Schematics


Demo C Apps and Library

Sample source code showing C application structure. Library support for monitoring battery operation, SLEEP and regulated utput control.

SunDuino C Includes and Library Files

SunDuino Demo C Applications

All SunDuino Files


Firmware and  Tools

Source and binary for various types and sizes of battery chemistry and capacity. Windows application for downloading binaries (compiled C apps) over a serial port to the SunDuino. See Manual for help with using tools.

SunD_Loader Windows Application

Battery Configuration Files (Source and Binary)