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Bob KondnerBob Kondner has been designing instrumentation, communications and embedded system hardware for over 35 years. Software development experience ranges from assembly on 8 bit processors through WIndows 10 with some Android and iOS in between. Startup companies include Applied Data (now part of Eurotech) and Advanced Assembly in Aurora Colorado.

The Battery Boss products were first introduced in the late 90s and they have been used in industrial products for 15 years.  Recently released PIC processors offered improved C code execution and bandwidth to where user applications could co-exist with power code. Using these new processors the Battery Boss was re-engineered to support downloaded user C applications compiled using standard free Microchip tools. The result became the SunDuino product.

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In addition to the SunDuino products we have years of previous design experience with high power and special features for OEM customers. Experience with batteries ranges from tiny coin cells to 100Kg lead acid batteries. Temperature ranges have been from -40°C through +80°C with power over 1KW. We have tools for winding prototype coils (very important for power supply design) and precision spot welders for battery pack prototypes.

If you have an application where you have questions just ask us. If we don't know we will tell you. If we have something that might help we can get you some information. Consider us a resource, we are happy to answer questions.

Too many folks selling tech products on the web don't know squat about the products or technology they are selling. We designed the circuits and PCBs and we wrote the 6000+ lines of assembly code in the SunDuino. We know the technology. If you have a product or application question you want to send us an email or give us a call.

How We Sell

Real Simple: Direct and With Support.

No engineer likes to be stuck in a sales channel that cannot answer technical questions. We don't like it either so we will not sell that way.

We have no online store setup yet so we are doing sales the old fashioned way. Send us an email with:

Ship To Address
Items Required and Battery Type & Size.

We will get back to you with price and shipping costs.

It is important that you consider the battery type and size, the available types and sizes can be found in download documents. Consider if you need a Wiring Platform board. These are a big help with prototype system construction.

Know your system power requirement both peak and average. Know your required battery run time and operating temperature. With those minimal parameters we can help you find a solution for you battery powered application.