Single Board Computers with Battery Charger, Voltage Regulators, I2C, Digital and Analog IO.

Run your C app for years on a small battery. Forever using built in solar charger.

SunDuino Units

These small processors with embedded charger / power supply will run a compiled C app for years on AA sized batteries. A background RTOS provides SLEEP functions for reducing operating current to 100ua while providing 125ms periodic wakeups.

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Wiring Platform

Prototype system are easily constructed using this wiring platform. Signals from the SunDuino 25 pin D are broken out to screw terminals for easy connection. We have I2C 7 segment LED displays and we supply C app demos to get you started quickly.

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OEM Components

SunDuino schematics and battery control files are free for download. Custom magnet components, pre-programmed processors are available for use when standard product must be integrated with custom PCBs.

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Question? Ask Us

Even with our manuals, datasheets, schematics and code example there will still be questions. Send an email or call us direct, you can speak to the engineer who knows the details. Ask technical questions about your app, charging or power conversion.

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